Sunday, November 12, 2006

Coincidence of the year

So The Better Half and I are in College Park, Md., to see the ol' alma mater whip up on U of Miami, 14-13. Before the game, we stroll into Cole Field House, which used to be the rollicking basketball barn back in the day. And who's about 10 feet away, getting the same gander?

Another DMN buyout refugee, Dwayne Bray. He's working for ESPN these days, and was in town directing coverage of the Miami defensive lineman's murder last week.

So we go halfway around the world to see our next-door neighbors and then two weeks later run into an ex-coworker on the concourse of a dead basketball arena. Something cosmic's going on...

Or maybe it's just weird thoughts the night before my first day at NPR. (I start a week of training at NPR's Washington HQ on Monday.) Wish me luck...


At 7:38 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We want an update on your first day at work!!!


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