Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Day 11: Caption contest!

Today’s stop, the island of Mykonos, was photogenic but unremarkable. (Sorry, but we’re reeeeeally spoiled by Santorini.) The baklava rocked, but the Greek coffee lived up to our pal B’s description: espresso mixed with sand.

So let’s forego the travelogue to continue the remarkable series of scatological kitsch images. And here’s where you, dear reader, come in: Conjure up a caption for the “Mykonos monkey” pictured below on a painted tile at a local shop, and you’ll win a deeeluxe prize (NOT the “Mykonos monkey” painted tile, thank God). Just hit the comments button and let us – and the world – know of your witty brilliance.


At 10:51 AM PDT, Anonymous Droopydave said...

A Dingo took my baby!

At 1:45 PM PDT, Anonymous Mike Jackson said...

Monkey see; monkey doodoo.

At 11:00 AM PDT, Anonymous Randy said...

I got your monkey right here!

At 8:42 AM PST, Anonymous Cousin Billy said...

“I’ll be out in a second, Marta!!”


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