Friday, September 29, 2006

Sign 'em up!

Aside from the much-chronicled Uncle Barky's self-publishing venture (don't forget to click on those Google ads!), two of our 13 Arts buyoutees from the DMN have been snapped up by ravenous employers:

* Toni Edwards, former Guide listings editor, took the buyout on Friday, 9/15, and started her new job the following Monday. Ka-ching! (Tony told me details, but my memory's going in my old age -- I'll post 'em when I get 'em from her.)

* Over lunch at the bar at Lone Star Park today, ex-books editor Charles Ealy unveiled this zinger: He's taken a job with the Austin American Statesman as assistant business editor/real estate and growth. Charles, always an "in the middle of everything" kinda guy, is a sure bet to thrive at ground zero of the Austin real estate boom. And fear not, film fans: The honchos at Austin seem eager to let Our Man in Cannes return to the French Riviera next spring!

Anybody else back in the "employed" category? E-mail me or post here.


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