Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Life in the slow lane

Weekday #2 of life post-Belo: Dentist appointment, house repair, long walk with fellow buyoutee, twilight movie... Man, I could get used to this retirement thing. If not for that pesky not-independently-wealthy status...

"Retirement" was definitely the watchword when we strolled into the 4:45 p.m. show of The Illusionist (interesting flick with a nicely plotted twist, by the way). We were 20 years younger than any of our 8 fellow moviegoers. Felt like strapping on the fanny pack and hitting the Early Bird Special at Furr's.


At 6:53 AM PDT, Blogger Sophie said...

Hmm, sounds like several of my days last week as a freelancer. Sometimes it's a lot more interesting to read blogs and tweeze my eyebrows than actually churn out copy...


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